Artwork sent to Aotearoa

Commissioned Art

 Art can be specifically tailored to your liking and needs, for loved ones, friends or yourself. I do original design art pieces, murals, cards, symbolic portraits and tatau ( tattoos).

Cultural patterns for tatau are specific for Kuki Airani people, however I can design other art that embodies who you are.

A4 originals $40NZ
A3 originals $80NZ

Using any medium required on any surface, large or small, the piece is sure to leave a beautiful lasting impression.

Right: Request for local family

West Auckland family request

Another Westie request!

Mangaian tatau

Another request from Aotearoa

Aitutaki Request

Ngāti Porou request

Rarotongan tatau

Atiu, Rarotonga, Mangaia

Moko Request

Tatau request for a couple with Aitutaki Tainui connections. 4 children and dolphin requested also

Prints for Sale

These beautiful prints are available in black and white and colour

Order below

Prints are:

A4  $20NZ each


3x A4 for $50NZ

                            Some more pics


Unknown 1
- have been informed it looks like a protection pic

Unknown 2

Unknown 3

3 hibiscus

Unknown 4

Ocean Wave



1. Submit a contact form with your item,  if you have seen something you like from friends and family or on my tiktok  @masellart!

2. Purchase via paypal. Note currency on paypal is in Australia dollars

A4 Prints


3 x A4 Prints


A4 Originals


A3 Originals


Assorted Art Cards

 3 x A5 cards


Colouring Book 20pics



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